Somethings that annoys me is the lack of autocompletion when using command line tools. Everything that makes you more productive should be done, even a shell alias that replaces two commands in one.

Git autocompletion should be add when installed, but it isn’t. (At least not for me.)

So how can I add autocompletion support to git? You have to dig into git source code and go to /contrib/completion path.

The file, in my case (Mac OSX) and usually on Linux, is

So what you have to download git-completion script to home directory (it is just a sugestion):

cd ~

and add the line source ~/git-completion.bash to your ~/.bashrc.

Now you have to reopen your terminal, or run source ~/git-completion.bash to reload .bashrc change.

Almost all command line tools have this file, you just have to find the path and do almost the same steps.